Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Day 4 of vacation and things are going GREAT!

The boys never want to sleep in the cribs again after sleeping in the pop up.

Haylee brought a friend, Mackenzie, for the first time and that has gone surprisingly well.

It's noon here which means it's 5:00 somewhere....

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Testing iPhone Blogger app

This is a test, of the non-emergency, blogger system. This is only a test!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Years and running strong

So it's been a long, long time since the last update and so much has been going on and it's been a wild, crazy, rewarding and incredible ride! The boys are now 2, Haylee is 14 I'm turning more and more gray every day!

Haylee has been in swim season for close to 3 weeks now and is getting stronger every week. In her first meet she bested her fastest time in 50 Freestyle event! She's hoping to swim the backstroke before the season is over. The best thing about swim aside from Haylee success is being able to sit in the stands and WATCH, not coach, not pull out my remaining hair pacing up and down the sidelines worrying about this and that. It's awesome.
Even the boys have fun at the meets watching the kids dive in and splash around in the really big bathtub.

As you can see from the picture, the boys are growing! Not only are they growing up but they are growing close. They show emotions for and towards each other. Evan points and calls to "brother" when he first wakes up in the morning and Ian in the crib across the room. Ian worries and shows concern when Evan is hurt and will even pat him gently or hug him if it was him that hurt him

Evan is a talking machine and is starting to string two word phrases together and has many words in his bank that he cheerfully blurts and hollers all the time. He is a bit fickle in his eating and the most likely to throw his food or bottle. Right now he is not sleeping through every night, waking up like clockwork at 4am 4 or 5 times a week. He will be waiting in his crib blanket in hand screaming away. Until the door opens that is and then he is all smiles, happy to see whoever is walking in (just the way he wanted it!). Kicking, throwing, jumping, Evan is the more mobile and physical of our guys. The cutest thing is his dancing along with Dora or Yo Gaba Gaba dances... heat melting.

Ian is my techy. He knows how to unlock my iphone, turn the pages, and find the page that holds all the kids apps like peanut butter jelly time and peek a boo barn. He knows his animals and the sounds they make. His favorite sound is the elephants trumpet which he tries to mimic right down to shaking his head as if he had huge floppy ears and all. Cuddling in the chair is one of his favorite things. He will walk over to the lazy boy and pat the seat with the palm of his hand telling me to sit down and once I do he is right up in my lap. Remote in hand, he can turn the TV on and off and crank the volume. Dora is his favorite to the point that he will throw fits until we start an episode on the DVR. He is a ravenous eater for the most part eating most anything including lima beans! Mandarine oranges are is favorite fruit, peas his favorite veggie and cheese is something he could eat any time of the day. AND he sleeps through the night!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nothing like late night updates!

Another late night, nearly the beginning of what is sure to be another busy day in the Robertson house! The last update was a rather downtrodden one so I will keep everything positive and not mention the depressing things like the summer slowly creeping to an end, work slowing creeping its way back into my radar and the beginning of another school year. Oops, I guess that all just kinda slipped out.

Our family vacation to the Traverse City area was so much more than excellent this summer. the boys are truly naturals at camping and with the exception of a few moments in the van traveling, they are loving the traveling part of vacation too! I need to get some pictures uploaded so everyone can see for themselves.

As summer flies by, a few household projects are getting tackled like the mural I started more than a year ago, the garage which never seems to stay uncluttered and the basement which has flooded twice now. soon there will be nothing left to do but enjoy the house right? Hold your sarcastic responses... I deal them so much better then I take them!

My 12th year of school begins soon, Haylee's 8th grade year as well and the twins are speaking more and more words for the first time and others way too many (like "more" and "ball"). Before I know it, they will be starting school (which consequently will be Haylee's senior year of high school.....)

Okay I feel old now and need to go take some geritol, centrum silver and use some polydent or something..... Got Prunes?

Pictures to be posted before I need a motorized chair.... I hope

Monday, July 6, 2009

2 weeks, 2 ER visits

If it weren't for chaotic moments, would there be any moments at all?

Since my last cheer filled update our family has been in the emergency room twice in 2weeks. The first was on Father's Day after Ian had an allergic reaction to peanut butter. He had some hives appear on his face and arms fairly quickly but true horror set in when the whites of his eyes turned pink and his eyelids started to swell. All is well with Ian, we just have to read every label of anything new that comes into the house!

Yesterday (there must be something about sundays) Evan was burned when he reached up onto the countertop and flipped a microwave pasta meal onto himself. the burns are mostly superficial but there are a few that have me worried and no matter what, I will be beating myself up about this for god knows how long. Things happen so fast, but to see it happening was like in slow mo and i can't shake it out of my head. I made it through the day without punching anything which is saying a lot for me.... I even manage to only have one beer after everyone was in bed and the headache was nearly gone.

Evan is dong well today, no apparent pains and he is leaving the bandages alone. we have a follow up appointment at the U in their burn clinic Wednesday. I will try.... and update things after that.

Keep us in your thoughts, hopefully the Sunday after next when we are in Traverse City doesn't continue the every other Sunday Curse.